Registration is now open. See below for the list of talks, and local information


Large-scale semantic processing and strong computer assistance of mathematics and science is our inevitable future. New combinations of AI and reasoning methods and tools deployed over large mathematical and scientific corpora will be instrumental to this task. The AITP conference is the forum for discussing how to get there as soon as possible, and the force driving the progress towards that.



There will be several focused sessions on AI and machine learning for ATP, SMT, ITP and mathematics, a session on ATP/ITP Hammers, session on Formal Abstracts and natural language processing of mathematics, and several sessions with contributed talks. The focused sessions will be based on invited talks and discussion oriented.

Confirmed participants/speakers (to be completed)

Noriko AraiNational Institute of Informatics
Henk BarendregtRadboud University Nijmegen
Michael R. DouglasStony Brook University
Cameron FreerRemine
Georges GonthierINRIA
Thomas C. HalesUniversity of Pittsburgh
John HarrisonIntel (now Amazon)
Sean HoldenUniversity of Cambridge
Mikoláš JanotaUniversity of Lisbon
Ramana KumarData61 & UNSW (now DeepMind)
Takuya MatsuzakiNagoya University
David McAllesterToyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Christian SzegedyGoogle Research
Cesare TinelliUniversity of Iowa

Invited talks (to be completed)

Henk BarendregtAxiomatizing consciousness, with applications
John HarrisonLet's make set theory great again
Michael DouglasComputational Exploration of String Theory
Mikoláš JanotaTowards Machine Learning for Quantification
Takuya Matsuzaki and Noriko AraiMachine comprehension of math problem text

Contributed talks

Christoph Benzmüller and Dana Scott: Some Reflections on a Computer-aided Theory Exploration Study in Category Theory (Extended Abstract)
Lasse Blaauwbroek: Project Proposal: Proof Guidance by Compression
Steffen Frerix and Peter Koepke: Revisiting SAD
Nathan Fulton and André Platzer: Safe Reinforcement Learning via Formal Methods
Ulrich Furbach and Claudia Schon: Reasoning and Consciousness --- Teaching a Theorem Prover to let its Mind Wander
Zarathustra Goertzel, Jan Jakubuv and Josef Urban: First Experiments with Watchlist Guidance on Mizar
Stéphane Graham-Lengrand and Michael Färber: Guiding SMT Solvers with Monte Carlo Tree Search and Neural Networks
Alasdair Hill and Ekaterina Komendantskaya: Automation by Analogy, in Coq
Jan Jakubuv and Josef Urban: Enhancing ENIGMA Given Clause Guidance
Cezary Kaliszyk, Henryk Michalewski, Piotr Milos, Mirek Olsak and Josef Urban: Project Proposal: Reinforcement Learning for leanCoP
Cezary Kaliszyk and Karol Pąk: Mizar in Isabelle for Formal Abstracts
Daniel Kirchner, Christoph Benzmüller and Edward N. Zalta: Mechanizing Principia Logico-Metaphysica in Functional Type Theory
Robert Lewis: Toward AI for Lean, via metaprogramming
Chaitanya Mangla, Mateja Jamnik and Sean Holden: Online learning kernel methods for lemma recommendation
Erik Martin-Dorel and Sergei Soloviev: Cumulative Effects in Learning
Till Mossakowski and Razvan Diaconescu: Towards logics for neural conceptors
Yutaka Nagashima: Designing Games of Theorem Proving
Bartosz Piotrowski and Josef Urban: ATP-guidance for Learning Premise Selection
Michael Rawson and Giles Reger: Dynamic Strategy Priority: Empower the strong and abandon the weak. (Extended Abstract)
Jiri Vyskocil and Josef Urban: Disambiguating ProofWiki into Mizar: First Steps
Qingxiang Wang: Building an Auto-Formalization Infrastructure through Text-Mining on Mathematical Literature: Project Description


AITP solicits contributed talks. Selection of those will be based on extended abstracts/short papers of 2 pages formatted with easychair.cls. Submission is via EasyChair. Accepted contributions will be published in an informal book of abstracts for distribution at the conference.


We will consider an open call for post-proceedings in an established series of conference proceedings (LIPIcs, EPiC, JMLR) or a journal (AICom, JAR, JAIR).

Program Committee (to be completed)

David AspinallUniversity of Edinburgh
Jasmin Christian BlanchetteINRIA Nancy
Joseph CorneliUniversity of Edinburgh
Cameron FreerRemine
Ulrich FurbachUniversity of Koblenz
Thomas C. Hales (co-chair)University of Pittsburgh
Sean HoldenUniversity of Cambridge
Geoffrey IrvingOpenAI
Moa JohanssonChalmers University
Cezary Kaliszyk (co-chair)University of Innsbruck
Michael KohlhaseFAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Ramana KumarData61 & UNSW (now DeepMind)
Jens OttenUniversity of Oslo
Stephan Schulz (co-chair)DHBW Stuttgart
Dawn SongUniversity of California, Berkeley
Martin SudaTechnische Universität Wien
Geoff SutcliffeUniversity of Miami
Christian SzegedyGoogle Research
Josef Urban (co-chair)Czech Technical University in Prague

Location, Prices and Further Local Information

The conference will take place from March 25 to March 30 2018 in the CNRS Paul-Langevin Conference Center located in the mountain village of Aussois in Savoy. Dominated by the "Dent Parrachée", one of the highest peaks of La Vanoise, Aussois is located on a sunny plateau at 1500 m altitude, offering a magnificent panorama of the surrounding mountains and a direct access to the downhill ski slopes or cross country slopes in winter.


The AITP registration and payment is now open. We have a limited block of rooms in the Aussois conference center and we have to confirm them by January 25 (after that reservation will be difficult or impossible). The pictures of the center and the rooms are here. There are twin rooms, either with double or single occupancy. The price for a shared room for five nights (March 25-30) is 550 EUR and the price for single occupancy is 650 EUR. If you want to share, you can e-mail us whom you want to share with (anytime after you register). The price includes full board, coffee breaks, the lecture rooms and our bus Modane-Aussois.


Aussois is less than 2h from the airports of Lyon, Geneve, Chambery, Annecy, Grenoble and Turin. There are trains and buses from these airports. Aussois is 7km from the Modane TGV station. We will organize a bus for the participants from there to Aussois. Further buses to these airports / station can be found here.

The first meal is dinner on March 25th and the last meal is lunch on March 30. The planned departure of our bus from Modaneto Aussois is at around 19:15pm on Sunday March 25. The bus will wait for the TGV train from Paris arriving to Modane at 18:47. The train starts at 14:41 in Paris Gare de Lyon, and it also stops in Lyon-St Exupery at 16:37 and in Chambery-Challes-E at 17:44. The distance from Modane to Aussois is 8km and there are taxis and alternative buses.

We have not yet set the time for the departure of the bus after lunch on March 30. This will be optimized based on your departure flights. It may be possible to stay in the center (as normal tourists) also on Saturday/Sunday if you are interested in more skiing. Either arrange this with the center yourself, or let us know when you register and we will ask the center about the availability. Note that March 30 is Good Friday, however this is not a public holiday in France except for the north-eastern (Alsace and Lorraine) regions.